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Addressing industry-specific challenges 

The legal and business needs of life sciences companies can be as varied as the products themselves. This is why we leverage our experience, scientific knowledge, and in-depth understanding of the pharmaceuticals and medical devices industry to help clients achieve their goals. Representing leading brands and startups alike, our attorneys understand both the science behind the products and the law behind the issues. We are committed to providing individualized guidance to organizations across a range of challenges. 

Bringing new and innovative products to the market

As our clients innovate to bring new products to the market, we assist at every turn, from raising capital, to compliance with regulatory requirements, to clinical research trials. Our nationally recognized healthcare team is known for guiding pharmaceutical and life science companies, institutions, CROs, and SMOs through the complex process of securing clinical trial agreements (CTAs) which are often lengthy and riddled with compliance pitfalls. 

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, our patent attorneys, litigators, and technical specialists have extensive experience helping clients at every stage of product development. We provide global IP strategy, licensing, patent portfolio development, IP due diligence for financing and acquisition deals, and patent litigation when disputes arise. 

With potentially severe consequences for noncompliance, we help clients make informed business decisions. Our team of experienced lawyers and advisors have worked in both public and private sectors and understand the real challenges of navigating FDA regulations. We collaborate with other professionals, including former FDA inspectors and regulators, to provide pragmatic advice and complete solutions for our clients. 


Whether your organization is a pharmaceutical company facing class action litigation, a medical device manufacturer confronting MDL or state-coordinated proceedings, or a mass tort defendant exploring strategies to minimize medical lien exposure and liabilities, we can help.  

Our seasoned first-chair products liability trial lawyers across the country have helped to bring hundreds of complex MDLs to successful conclusions, including obtaining defense verdicts in difficult jurisdictions, on motion practice, and in remand and bellwether trials. We have worked extensively with experts to simplify and present complex scientific issues to juries. We also work with clients to identify and manage risks in advance of litigation.

Litigation for the complex world of pharma and medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical product liability 
  • Personal injury cases 
  • Multijurisdictional and multi-district cases 
  • Mass tort and class action litigation
  • Risk management and due diligence 
  • Electronic discovery risk mitigation 
  • Government affairs and legislative advocacy related to pharmaceutical liability cases 
  • Lien resolution and administration, including global repayment programs


  • Recognized litigators who have likely done what you need before
  • Deep understanding of the scientific and medical issues behind pharmaceutical litigation
  • Efficient processes that are part of our DNA