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A bipartisan team with a business mindset and in-depth experience in public affairs – at the international, federal, state, and local levels.

Our team understands the processes of government and real-world and political pressures, both as former government officials and from years of experience helping clients advance their government relations objectives. 
Our team includes former government officials who served in a range of capacities:

  • Diplomats
  • Cabinet officials
  • Elected representatives
  • High-level congressional staff members


As advisors and advocates for our clients, we leverage deep bipartisan relationships combined with business, political, and legal experience to provide strategic political intelligence, identify emerging areas of political risk, and develop effective public policy and government relations strategies. Our team aims to accomplish this with the support of our firm in the practice areas listed under related practice areas. 


Insight and Impact

Clients receive business-oriented government relations, lobbying, grants, and consulting services from a team that uses a client service relationship model that includes law firm accountability and helps enable sound budget management through predictable fee structures. 
It never pays to be surprised. Nelson Mullins offers proactive and effective advocacy on behalf of corporate, nonprofit, and government clients in transactions where politics, business, regulatory and legal environments intersect. Our clients include:

  • Emerging growth companies
  • Foreign sovereign governments
  • Fortune 50 global companies
  • Professional associations
  • State and local governments
  • Universities and research institutions

Persuasive advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels

The firm’s government relations professionals bring clients an understanding of how the legislative, administrative, regulatory, and political processes operate inside the nation's Capitol building and at various state houses, county offices, and city halls. Our team includes government relations attorneys and professionals in Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., with many having first-hand, top level government service experience.

Helping International Clients and Sovereign Governments in the United States

Experience from the inside gives Nelson Mullins’ sovereign practice a practical and effective edge. With strong State Department ties, our team of attorneys and policy advisors includes former government officials who have served in a range of roles such as the following:

  • Ambassadors
  • International Trade Negotiators
  • Capitol Hill Staff 
  • Members of Congress
  • Presidential Cabinet Officials
  • Senior Officials in Republican and Democratic Administrations

We bring a holistic and customized approach to serving each of our sovereign government clients, developing strategies and solutions tailored to their needs on international law matters, including federal government strategy, media and public relations, and legal services.

Bipartisan relationships and business, political, legal experience

Advisors and advocates for our clients, we leverage strong bipartisan relationships, and business, political, and legal experience to assist clients with:

  • Congressional Investigations
  • Defense/Procurement
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Federal Grants
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • International Relations and Trade
  • Political Law
  • Regulatory Policy
  • Tax Policy
  • Telecommunications
  • Trademark and Copyright Policy
  • Transportation

Relationships help advance business objectives

It’s about relationships — with our clients and government officials — to help advance business strategies in today's fast-paced business and legal environments. Working with our team, the people you meet are the people who provide the services. 

Our Services help clients

  • Advance business development and financing objectives – Identifying opportunities with the U.S. government and foreign entities.
  • Advocate and lobby proactively – Including drafting legislation and amendments and representing clients in partnership with Nelson Mullins attorneys before federal agencies and at the international level.
  • Analyze legal, political, business, and regulatory factors – Helping identify and guide clients on factors that may impact policy and business interests.
  • Craft and implement effective media strategies – Including using targeted messaging to the press and interest groups, opinion pieces, and crisis management. 
  • Create networks – Creating custom business development networks — with government officials, trade groups, academic institutions, investors, and others to validate and market client products and solutions — and facilitating coalition-building.
  • Develop and nurture relationships – Providing introductions to leaders and key decision makers, facilitating discussions with public officials, and assisting clients in navigating the halls of government.
  • Develop programmatic government relations strategies – Developing integrated business, legislative, and regulatory programmatic strategies.
  • Gain political intelligence and identify emerging risk areas – Tracking and reporting on legislative activities, including bill introductions, hearings, committee markups, and floor debates.
  • Navigate procurement processes – Providing intelligence on evolving procurement regulations and advising on procurement opportunities and processes.
  • Prepare to deliver testimony – Guiding witnesses in advance of testimony before government agencies, including responses to congressional inquiries.  
  • Accountability – clients receive services from attorneys and policy advisors with knowledge, government experience, and with the accountability and stability of the Nelson Mullins law firm
  • Business mindset – our team includes professionals with business experience and fiscal skills to help clients with integrated business – government relations strategies
  • Predictability and cost efficiency – we implement predictable fee structures (fixed, monthly retainers) to help enable sound budget management
  • Relationships – government relations is about relationships; developing a sustained and coordinated strategy, and connecting our clients with government decision makers to advance successful business objectives