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A wealth of experience and diverse perspectives

With backgrounds as former senior in-house counsel, including as general counsel and in compliance and privacy roles, our team brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives. Our team includes individuals with government prosecutor experience and military service, bringing valuable insights into ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

We also have extensive experience as enterprise-wide electronic discovery counsel for clients with global operations and as class action and multidistrict litigation defense counsel. 

Our insights from conducting internal investigations on behalf of companies and boards equips us with a comprehensive understanding of potential risks and areas for improvement within an organization.

Helping clients make careful, timely, and informed decisions

Our team develops defensible strategies regarding internal investigations, response and data protection, preservation and litigation readiness measures, and communications with the Board, regulators, customers, and law enforcement.

Our cybersecurity and data breach response services help you

Proactively, we conduct thorough risk assessments in connection with ongoing operations, acquisitions, new service offerings, and technology platforms. We design tailored policies and practices to fit your needs and regulatory obligations. 

When a breach occurs, we implement solutions specific to your business and industry requirements. This may include launching and completing internal investigations, reporting data security incidents to regulators, and managing crises when faced with breach-related government investigations. We also preserve data correctly after a cyber attack or in the face of government subpoenas, investigations, and related litigation, and define insurance coverage solutions that match your exposure and analyze cyber-insurance coverage after a breach. 

Given the time-sensitive nature of data breaches, we are ready to immediately respond to contain breaches, investigate incidents, notify consumers, and communicate with law enforcement and governments.

Cybersecurity Services for Clients Across Industry Sectors

View our “Cybersecurity Practices” for additional information on how we help clients, including representing businesses in the following industry sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods & retail
  • Energy & utility
  • FinTech
  • Franchisors & franchisees
  • Government procurement
  • Healthcare and health IT
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sports & entertainment
  • Telecommunications and satellite
  • A practical business mindset
  • Integrated information governance services
  • Multi-disciplinary team
  • Predictability and cost efficiency
  • Professional relationships with law enforcement, public relations, government professionals, and the communities in which we do business