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The complex nature of products liability cases requires a legal team with the capability to handle matters from inception to the final phases. We have tried hundreds of cases in some of the most difficult jurisdictions in the country and have deep experience handling multi-district litigation, mass torts, class actions, catastrophic injury, and death cases. Whether our clients face government investigations, inquiries from regulatory bodies, or high-stakes litigation, we help protect your company and your products. 

We represent large national corporations that run the gamut of industries, including Fortune 100, 200, and 500 companies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices space, and the world's largest automotive manufacturers. Our consumer and mechanical clients’ products range from heavy equipment to outdoor recreational products. 

We are known for our extensive product knowledge and our ability to formulate scientific strategies from complex scientific and medical evidence, presented in a compelling manner to juries in the courtroom. Our team draws on our wide network of expert witnesses across disciplines, including physicians and researchers, biomechanical engineers, accident re-constructionists, economists, vocational rehabilitation experts, and more. When developing opposing expert strategies, we investigate and examine opposing experts, their backgrounds, qualifications, and the reliability of their work. Our attorneys have extensive experience in developing the testimony of company employee witnesses and corporate representatives, and we work with our clients to educate their witnesses to be effective communicators. 

We strongly believe in the value of diversity and have a deep and diverse bench of first-chair trial attorneys who can relate to juries in every part of the country. Our mass tort clients value our ability to deploy multiple diverse trial teams simultaneously throughout the U.S. We also have cultivated a reputation for being highly effective and collaborative in virtual law firm scenarios and are frequently asked to co-try cases with other large national firms.  

  • Seasoned first-chair products liability lawyers across the country 
  • Nationally recognized team includes former in-house counsel and experienced trial attorneys
  • Experience leading MDLs as national, regional, and coordinating counsel 
  • Record of obtaining significant victories in plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions
  • Established network of experts in multiple disciplines
  • Wins include jury verdicts, dismissals on the pleadings, certification denials, and summary judgments
  • In-house technology and experts to manage significant volumes of data and documents in a way that leverages efficiency from the beginning of matters to resolution