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July 31, 2019

‘We're Sort of a Wolf Pack’: All-Women Litigation Team Doesn't Sacrifice Career or Family

The American Lawyer

Reprinted with permission from The American Lawyer

In an article published by The American Lawyer on July 31, Erin Kolmansberger, Melissa Gomberg, Kimberly Freedman, and Daniela Ferro discuss the “ideal career template” they’ve mastered for female attorneys balancing their career and parenthood.

The Miami-based quad typically tackles one large case and several smaller cases at any given time. The attorneys “play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” which provides a well-rounded approach to their practice. The attorneys describe Gomberg as the laser, able to quickly track relevant case law and research. They share that Kolmansberger is the project manager, Ferro is the team “mom” and a quick learner, and Freedman is the appellate star. “We’re sort of a wolf pack,” Ferro shares.

While women’s and maternity initiatives are growing, Big Law is still hurting for higher women retention rates. Kolmansberger believes their legal team should be a model for law firms looking to improve their women attorney recruitment and retention rates. “More than anything, the tight-knit support is the most essential part of their success,” she shares. When her son’s eardrum burst, for example, Gomberg stepped in so that Kolmansberger could take him to the hospital. When Freedman was out on maternity leave, they all came over to her house to not only see the baby, but also to update her on what was going on in their cases.”

Nelson Mullins Miami Managing Partner Mark Raymond notes that he hopes to see the attorneys’ model replicated throughout the firm – touting the group as a “case study of how teamwork breeds success.”

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