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Nov. 21, 2023

You Can't be an Expert at Everything

By Jae Lee

The Los Angeles Daily Journal

In an article published on Nov. 15, 2023, by The Los Angeles San Francisco Daily Journal, partner Jae Lee shares his own professional experiences and comments on the emerging field of mass arbitration.

"One thing that my experience has taught me is that no one can be an expert in everything, although I have tried," Dr. Lee wrote. "After years collecting a string of letters behind my name and a panel of sheep skins on my wall, I have learned that one can never learn enough. Every day, I work with some incredibly talented individuals from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. They each bring some unique experience and expertise — different from my own — that I rely upon, and learn from, as we work together to serve our clients. Legal work is very much a team sport these days, and optimally serving clients in complex matters almost always requires a team of individuals with varied skills and expertise."

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