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March 28, 2024

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Amy Cheng, President of the Atlanta Bar Association

Nelson Mullins celebrates women and honors the many contributions women have made to the legal profession. In honor of Women’s History Month, we spoke to women leaders within the firm to learn about how they are building community and advice they have for future innovators within the legal profession.

Atlanta partner Amy B. Cheng, an experienced litigator and attorney practicing in commercial and employment law, serves as the current president of the Atlanta Bar Association.

Tell us more about your role with the Atlanta Bar Association. How did the firm support you in your path to leadership?

As the president of the Atlanta Bar Association, I am the “face” of the largest voluntary bar association in the southeast representing thousands of lawyers in metropolitan Atlanta. The Association has been my professional “home” since I took the oath to become a lawyer. I first became involved with the organization in 2015 when I took a leadership position with the Atlanta Bar Association Litigation Section. From there, I continued my leadership with the Association, and the “rest is history," as one would say. The firm, particularly the Atlanta office and my team, have been extremely supportive of my path, including, but not limited to, encouraging me to host numerous Association events at the firm.

What are some of your key takeaways from your tenure as president?

There are many takeaways but here are three that are key to me:

  1. Having a great team.

    I have been very fortunate to have an amazing executive director, executive team, and outside counsel who I rely on for advice. Without them, my decisions would not be as well balanced.
  2. Stand firm in your convictions.

    My strong convictions have been an asset during my tenure as president. It has guided my process for decision-making on behalf of the Association and its members.
  3. Listen.

    It is important that I embrace others’ viewpoints and truly listen to them (e.g. concerns or wisdom). By doing so, I am ensuring the Association will remain the best version of itself for years to come. 

What advice would you give to other women who look to lead within the world of law?

Stay curious. Stay passionate. Never settle.

What have you done to create community at Nelson Mullins?

I am extremely passionate about the people of our firm – from staff to associates to partners. When I first joined the firm, I immediately joined the Associates Committee and have continued to serve on the Committee during the six years I’ve been here. With respect to the staff, I value each and every one of them. The staff keeps us all on track! Senior partners help guide and shepherd the next generation, and their input is necessary. Without each group, no legal project would ever be successful.