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July 3, 2024

What Florida’s Live Local Act Looks Like Now—and What It Means

By David F. Leon, Hollie A. Croft, Nicholas W. Heckman

Multi-Housing News

A new provision to the Live Local Act has sparked some confusion within the development industry. In an article published on June 26 in Multi-Housing News, Nelson Mullins attorneys David Leon, Hollie Croft, and Nick Heckman discussed the new exemption affecting the watershed affordable housing statute.

“The amendment’s addition of the exemption has provided the affordable housing industry with much-needed relief,” they explained. “Conversely, the amendment’s addition of the opt-out provision has caused some confusion in the development industry for those seeking the Missing Middle Exemption. Currently, based on information provided in the Report, 49 of Florida’s 67 counties are eligible to opt out of the 75 percent exemption, and, as of June 2024, at least three taxing authorities in various parts of the state have already passed such resolution/ordinance to opt out of the 75 percent exemption.”

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