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Image of Scott Knapp

Dec. 7, 2023

We Are NM: Scott Knapp

Scott has a broad background in complex business and civil litigation. In handling disputes from the pre-suit stage all the way through verdict or settlement, Scott employs a tactical and entrepreneurial approach toward litigation. He has experience representing clients in matters involving breach of contract, enforcement of restrictive covenants, class actions, consumer protection, unfair and deceptive trade practices, upstream entity and corporate liability defense, partnership disputes, professional liability, other business torts, and bankruptcy-related litigation.

What is one piece of advice you would give to individuals who want to get into this industry?

Surround yourself with the best. In an industry with so many A-type personalities, it can be a challenge to truly identify those people. Sometimes we look to a “boss” who thinks that he or she always does it the best way. Yet, building out a team of mentors to learn from and guide you is key. If those mentors are not immediately in front of you, go seek them out. Find the pillars of the legal community, watch them in open court hearings, learn from your opposition, go to community events and continuing legal education seminars (CLEs), and regularly give your writing to others to review and criticize before you send them to clients or file memoranda with the courts.

At this point in your career, what would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?

It is easy to point to any number of trial victories and know that I achieved justice for many clients. But, I would be remiss to suggest anything other than receiving the Paul May Professionalism Award from the Broward County Bar Association. Looking at the criteria for the recognition truly proves that what I strive to achieve has been recognized and appreciated by my peers: “a community role model displaying integrity, timeliness, mentorship, decorum, credibility, preparedness, and courtesy to all counsel, the parties, and the court.” I can only hope to continue that legacy and reputation into the future.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My late grandfather, Henry H. Nathan. He was a Holocaust survivor. He came to the United States by himself and joined the U.S. military. He put his nose to the ground and worked. He was religious and believed in everyone having a purpose and value. He operated a Kosher butcher shop. While knowing it was a business, he would save enough meat for the needy and those who otherwise could not afford it. Still while giving to others, he built an amazing life for himself, my grandmother, my mom and my uncle, and his grandchildren.

What are the biggest foreseeable challenges in your field?

Technology. There are so many programs being developed with access to more information, tools and resources. We have to embrace those tools and remain competitive. Yet, we also have to remain efficient and guard against being bogged down in technology.  We also have to be cognizant that so many advancements are attempting to automate a lot of aspects of what we do for our clients.  So, we have to prove our worth, differentiate our services, be nimble, and demonstrate effective and proper use of modern tools.

What’s one piece of advice that greatly impacted you and your career trajectory?

Treat every day and every encounter as part of building your career. We too often think of our day-to-day activity are simply the needs of a job. But, there is a clear distinction between a career and a job. A job is simply a series of tasks or a routines to earn money. It is the mentality of “they keep paying me, so I keep showing up and doing my work.”  A career, however, is more.  It is your foundation. It is your reputation. It is your future. It is your legacy.