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Aug. 15, 2023

Pro Bono Spotlight: Molly Jean Given

We are pleased to introduce Minneapolis litigation partner Molly Jean Given.

Molly is a trial attorney who focuses her practice on individual and mass tort products liability for medical device, motor vehicle, and recreational vehicle manufacturers. She has worked on trials in Montana, Washington state, and California and was on the team for a bellwether trial in Orange County, California.

Molly gives back to her community by representing clients in cases pro bono.  She is leading a high-profile case in cooperation with the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Minnesota chapter. "By using the tools and skills that we use on an everyday basis in our practice, we will be able to help seek justice for our client -- this provides me with a profound sense of empowerment," she said.

Describe a compelling pro bono matter in which you are involved.
Along with a great Minneapolis office-based team and the ACLU-MN, I’m currently representing an innocent Black man who was arrested, detained, and prosecuted for a violent crime that he did not commit based only on faulty facial recognition. We filed a civil rights case in United States District Court for the District of Minnesota.

What is most meaningful to you about your engagement?
It’s been rewarding to provide our client with top notch legal work and to put our considerable litigation talents to good use to help someone who would not otherwise be able to afford a lawyer pursue his case and shed light on this very important issue. Notably, the whole team, including our administrative assistant, paralegal, summer associates, and the attorneys on the case, have all found great meaning and pride in representing our client; it has brought us closer together as an office.

How has this experience made you a better lawyer?
After 16 years as a litigator, this case has reinvigorated me in the practice of law in many ways. It’s certainly been exciting, as I’ve been able to speak on our client’s behalf at a press conference and the case has already appeared in the news. This case is important for the Twin Cities’ community, which has faced such struggles over race and policing. By using the tools and skills that we use on an everyday basis in our practice, we will be able to help seek justice for our client—this provides me with a profound sense of empowerment. I’m so grateful for the firm’s support for pro bono and its commitment to racial equity.