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April 15, 2024

Pro Bono Spotlight: Kendall Eoute Topper

This series is aimed at bringing attention to Nelson Mullins attorneys and legal staff who are committed to pro bono work as a part of their legal practice. See how they made a difference through pro bono!

Meet associate Kendall Eoute Topper, an experienced litigator who dedicates her time and knowledge to aid Nelson Mullins’ pro bono work. She has worked on a variety of business and employment matters for clients in a range of industries, including real estate, banking, construction, and transportation, but says pro bono allows her to work in new subject matters while making a meaningful impact.

Describe a compelling pro bono matter in which you are involved.

Very recently, I assisted in the adoption of two young boys who had been living outside of their biological parent’s home for their entire lives. Through this three-year court process, I was able to advocate for the best interests of these children and assist in establishing permanency in a loving home.

What is most meaningful to you about your engagement?

The pro bono program provides the opportunity to assist clients in matters that are commonly affecting an important part of their personal life. Clients approach us with a situation that they desperately need help with yet don’t know the best path to proceed. Helping clients through these issues and having the opportunity to impact someone’s life for the better is an incredibly rewarding experience.

How has this experience made you a better lawyer?

Working with clients through the pro bono program has afforded me the opportunity to work in areas of law that I don’t commonly deal with, but have an interest in exploring. I have gained experience in new subject matter, advocated for clients in the courtroom, and learned how to effectively communicate with clients about their needs and expectations.