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Dec. 22, 2023

South Florida's Renaissance Drives Region's Strong Economy

By Gary Itskovich, Daniel "Donny" Schreiber, Nick Carbo, Chase Nielsen


In an article published on Dec. 22 in American Lawyer Media |, Boca Raton attorneys Gary Itskovich, Donny Schreiber, Nick Carbo, and Chase Nielsen provided their insights about the growing real estate market in South Florida. The increasing demand in the region is due to numerous factors, such as new real estate developments, the arrival of Jeff Bezos and other heads of industry, the cultural significance of Art Basel Miami, and the recent phenomenon known as “Messi Mania.”

"Still, an often less considered factor for South Florida’s magnetism is the ever-expanding and palpable cultural significance that the region has established. Of course, the unique blend of vibrant Latin American influences, art deco architecture, and prime nightlife scene have all become synonymous with Miami; however, in recent years, the greater South Florida region has built a formidable reputation within previously untapped niches of the American zeitgeist.”

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