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photo of Iowa Supreme Court building
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July 26, 2022

Team Wins Iowa Supreme Court Ruling in Truck Dealership Dispute

A Nelson Mullins team recently won a recent important matter before the Iowa Supreme Court for Peterbilt. The case began in 2017 and involved a trial and several appeals before being finally resolved before the Iowa Supreme Court. In the case, Peterbilt wanted to add a new dealer in geography previously assigned to a current dealer, who was not adequately covering the geography. The current dealer resisted this effort, arguing that its efforts and investment in its vast geography covering much of Iowa and Nebraska should compensate for the need for a new dealer in the much smaller area selected by Peterbilt.

The court construed the statute to permit the new dealer to be added. In doing so, the court said: “[e]nsuring an unstifled competition is in the best interest of the public.”

The team members who worked on this matter over the years included paralegals Pattie Nelson and Ingrid List, associates Jake Fischer, Adrienne Toon, Cheyenne Moore, Corey Nevers, and Carly Halpin, and partners Mark Clouatre and John Streelman.