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Office Closure

Due to weather conditions, the Baltimore office will be closed today, August, 4.

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Bruce and Wendy Wiener: All Roads Lead to Giving Back

July 30, 2020

Bruce and Wendy Wiener: All Roads Lead to Giving Back

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January 21, 2020

My Path to Partnership: Nichole Hayden

To kick off the new year, Nelson Mullins is featuring newly elected partners in a Q&A throughout the month of January. Join us in celebrating the firm’s newest partners by getting to know them.

Nichole Hayden rejoined the firm in 2015 after serving as in-house general counsel for a privately owned software development company in the gaming industry. She is a registered patent attorney with a focus on helping clients obtain patent protection for their inventions and trademarks that effectively protect their brand.

1. What has been the biggest hurdle you have overcome in your career?

Balancing family and career. It’s a delicate balance that is frequently in flux. My husband fully supports my passion for my career and provides a true partnership at home, which is the only way my balance works.

2. Describe how you feel about your career now that you’ve made partner.

Proud. My path to partnership was indirect, so I have a particular appreciation for crossing that threshold. I couldn’t be happier to be counted as a partner of this firm that I’ve grown up in, professionally speaking.

3. What are your key components to being successful in your career?

Passion for the work — I truly enjoy what I do. Investment in my clients — I try to understand my clients’ business and legal goals and provide quality work product that prioritizes those needs.

4. Who had the greatest influence in your career that helped drive you to partnership?

I’ve had numerous colleagues who have influenced my career — they’ve taught me how to be a good writer and advocate, how to market and manage client relationships, and how to navigate the many other facets of the practice of law. I also have a particular friend and client who is a continuous advocate for the advancement of women, which has been a driver for my career in many ways.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you would give an associate who wants to make partner?

Certainly provide high quality work on time, but also be a good person and maintain relationships. You never know where your career will take you or where your colleagues and friends will end up. Make sure they remember you as good at your job, but also as a good human being.

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