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Office Closure

Due to weather conditions, the Baltimore office will be closed today, August, 4.

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Bruce and Wendy Wiener: All Roads Lead to Giving Back

July 30, 2020

Bruce and Wendy Wiener: All Roads Lead to Giving Back

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November 4, 2019

Jacksonville Legal Aid Recognizes Nelson Mullins for Guardianship Community Service

Jacksonville partner Frank Morreale, right, with JALA’s Missy Davenport and TIAA’s Tom Ross.

JACKSONVILLE – Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) has recognized Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel as a Para Outstanding Pro Bono Service Honoree, which recognizes individuals or organizations who have done the most in the previous year to provide legal assistance to and help change the  lives of low-income persons in the community.

Nelson Mullins teamed with TIAA Bank, also a JALA honoree, and JALA to develop the Guardian Advocacy Project in Jacksonville. Through the project, attorneys provide legal assistance to families seeking guardianship rights for young adults at 18 years old or older with profound developmental disabilities and who lack the ability to make or communicate significant responsible decisions concerning their health or safety. Legal guardianship is necessary for parents/caregivers to remain as important decision-makers regarding medical care,  education decisions, benefits, living arrangements, or other provisions of care for their young adults in need of assistance.

The new signature pro bono project for the Jacksonville office was made possible with the support of Nelson Mullins partners Scott Sherman and Frank Morreale and firmwide Pro Bono Administrator Norah Rogers.

“The program helps us appreciate our ability to solve legal problems that intimidate most people,” Morreale said. “The impact on the parents’ lives we represent is meaningful. It reduces stress associated with going to court for families who have enough of that already. It is also a powerful reminder how fortunate our families are and that we represent clients that enjoy serving the community, too. And, of course, the courts benefit from TIAA Bank’s and our involvement in moving the process along.”

The Para Awards are named for Kathy Para, JALA’s recently retired pro bono director who worked with Nelson Mullins’ Rogers and JALA’s Missy Davenport to get the program up and running earlier this year. In addition to Morreale, other Nelson Mullins participants in the guardianship program are Sally Abbey, Jenni Jokerst, and Daniel Nunn.

Established in 1897, Nelson Mullins has more than 800 attorneys and government relations professionals with offices in 11 states and Washington, DC. Nelson Mullins and Broad and Cassel LLP combined effective August 1, 2018 and does business in Florida as Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel. For more information on the firm, go to www.nelsonmullins.com.

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