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Aug. 6, 2019

Giving Back a Key to TerryAnn Howell’s Legacy

Pictured left to right are Miami Managing Partner Mark Raymond, of counsel Kimberly Freedman, Federal Judge Donald Graham, associate TerryAnn Howell, of counsel Melissa Gomberg, and summer associate Klugy Mathurin.

Miami associate TerryAnn Howell recently awarded two TerryAnn Howell Book Awards at the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Bar Association Gala. This is TerryAnn’s second year funding this award at the gala. The association is the oldest black bar association in Miami.

TerryAnn has been active in the organization since her time at Florida International University College of Law and is a recipient of the Vincent McGhee Scholarship and the Wilkie D. Ferguson Scholarship. As such, she said giving back to the organization is extremely important to her.

“I had to give back and will continue to give back. During my time in law school, the organization gave me almost $10,000 in scholarship money. That was almost $10,000 worth of books that I could buy. That was almost $10,000 in monies I could use for personal expenses. But most importantly, that was almost $10,000 less in student loans that I had to take out,” she said.

Not only did TerryAnn give back, but she told all the scholarship recipients at the gala that she expects to see them on the stage in a few years to create their own legacies, to carry on the legacy of the organization and that of the Honorable Wilkie D. Ferguson. This was in line with TerryAnn’s message of giving back and was in tune with the 2019 gala theme.

The theme for this year’s gala was “Legacy Ball: A Celebration of Our Living Legends.” The organization honored some living legends by exploring the legacy they forged and by paying homage to them for their sacrifice, courage, and perseverance. These legends included TerryAnn’s former trial advocacy professor and trial team coach HT Smith.

In discussing the support she has received from Nelson Mullins since she joined the firm in March, TerryAnn stated, “I am creating a legacy of my own. While it is MY legacy, I cannot do it alone. So it meant a great deal to me when Miami Managing Partner Mark Raymond agreed to purchase a table at the gala to support me and the organization. Not only that, but my colleagues Melissa Gomberg, Erin Kolmansberger, Kimberly Freedman, and summer associate Klugy Mathurin were all there supporting me, much like they do in the office every day.”

This was Nelson Mullin’s first year at the gala. She hopes Nelson Mullins will continue supporting minority organizations like the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. Bar Association and will do all she can to sustain this relationship.

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