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Presidential Transition & 117th Congress Updates & Resources

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Presidential Transition & 117th Congress Updates & Resources

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Pro Bono Spotlight: Paralegal Coordinator Maria Turner

October 31, 2020

Pro Bono Spotlight: Paralegal Coordinator Maria Turner

Press Releases

September 24, 2019

George Cauthen to be Featured in Public Service Oral History

The South Carolina Bar Foundation will feature Columbia partner George Cauthen in the South Carolina Supreme Court Historical Society Oral History Program. A member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Cauthen is being recognized for his dedication to public service and the law. Cauthen will be recorded discussing his passion for helping those in need as well as his vast experience in bankruptcy law. The recording will be maintained on the Historical Society webpage for members to listen to in perpetuity.

Cauthen is an active member of multiple nonprofit boards and associations. He is a member of the S.C. Bar’s House of Delegates and its pro bono section. He was a founding member of the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association, and he remains involved and regularly presents at their meetings. He also serves on the South Carolina Legal Services Board. He has chaired countless committees for other boards and associations dedicated to pro bono and assisting the homeless and poverty stricken both in the state and nationally. When he joined Nelson Mullins in 1990, he became a leading advocate for the firm’s Pro Bono Program and helped lead it to recognition as one of the top pro bono programs in the country.

Cauthen has been a tireless defender of those less fortunate and works regularly to ensure their legal needs are met. He has been on the front lines in establishing homeless courts. These work to ensure that individuals, regardless of income, find and stay in sustainable housing. Cauthen works with the S.C. Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission to establish the homeless courts around the state.

Megan Seiner, executive director of the South Carolina Bar Foundation, stated, “It is difficult to imagine that anyone can match George’s tremendous dedication to public service, the rule of law, and to the highest standards of the legal profession. George is a highly thought of and respected attorney who has a passion for pro bono and public service works and has demonstrated this throughout his illustrious career. We are grateful to Nelson Mullins for providing the funding for this oral history to be recorded.”

Chris Koon, president of the South Carolina Bar Foundation, stated, “George Cauthen walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to pro bono work and public service. It seems only right that his voice should be recorded so that we can continually refer back to how he accomplished all that he did for those in need and for the legal community in South Carolina. Considering he helped reinvigorate the Supreme Court Historical Society, it seemed only right that his history be kept as well.” 

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