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Press Releases

January 16, 2020

Energy Team Helps Clients Appeal Recent S.C. Regulatory Decision

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The energy team of Weston Adams, Jamey Goldin, and Jeremy Hodges recently represented a solar industry association group and a large-scale developer of independent power plants in obtaining a successful grant of reconsideration of key issues in the regulatory proceeding before the S.C. Public Service Commission (PSC). The reversal is likely to have positive results for the future of the solar energy industry in South Carolina.

The team represented the clients in the initial proceedings and in the petitions for reconsideration at the PSC in the avoided cost litigation over Dominion Energy’s rates for solar power and concerning the duration of term for power purchase contracts between solar producers and the utility. The regulatory agency initially set rates at slightly more than 2 cents per kilowatt hour but, upon reconsideration, increased that amount to a less oppressive 3.5 cents per kilowatt hour.

“This is a huge victory for the solar power industry in South Carolina,” Adams said.  “The original decision would have made South Carolina an unfriendly jurisdiction for solar and would have hampered developers’ interest in growing this clean renewable energy industry here. While the rates are not going to lead to mass deployment of solar, it is a step in the right direction for the future of independent power in the state.”

Nelson Mullins’ Energy team has been in the forefront of solar policy development in South Carolina by representing solar interests at the PSC in a number of dockets mandated by the recently enacted SC Energy Freedom Act. Firmwide, energy attorneys have represented energy clients on energy transactions, energy regulatory matters, and energy policy throughout the United States.

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