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October 27, 2017

Six Ways to Show Your Employees You Care About Their Mental Health


In an article published on Oct. 27, 2017, in SELF, Susan Warner, of counsel in the Firm’s Jacksonville office, provides guidance regarding how employers can help employees who may have mental health issues and how they can make the work environment a better place for them. “The best thing an employer can do proactively to accommodate employees’ mental health needs is to provide a healthcare plan that includes mental health services, such as counseling or therapy,” Warner says. It is the employee and employer’s responsibility to discuss accommodations to ensure the employee is receiving treatment and performing his or her best at work. “For example, if the employee needs to take two hours off of work each week to visit a counselor and her schedule can be arranged to allow for those visits, this would likely be a reasonable accommodation that the employer can and should make,” Warner adds.

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