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August 19, 2019

Roy Wyman on the Ties Among AI, Healthcare, Law

The Road to Now

Many experts predict that artificial intelligence and nanotechnology will catalyze a fundamental change in the way we relate to one another, similar to the way the internet has. Nelson Mullins Nashville partner Roy Wyman talked with Benjamin Sawyer, a co-host of the podcast "The Road to Now," on how artificial intelligence relates to medicine and healthcare law. Wyman designed and is lead attorney for HIPAA2Z, an automated HIPAA privacy and security compliance tool uniquely available to firm clients.

"AI is a fascinating area. It is a dramatic shift, maybe the most dramatic shift in our lifetime in how you think about healthcare, how you think about cognition, how we think about ourselves as a species," Wyman says. "It is a really potential turning point, a nexus for history." He and Sawyer discuss the value of a shared and connected virtual web of information, how artificial intelligence especially within the healthcare context relates to a class system, and how all of this relates to law and governance.

Wyman's tool, HIPAA2Z, is one example of how technology can be optimized for the better. "There are things you can do to use the efficiencies of technology as a smart tool," Wyman says. "The law is expensive to comply with, but that doesn't make it right. It should be as inexpensive as possible rather than just building up costs to be costly." HIPAA2Z makes it easier and more cost-effective for clients to stay compliant.

Wyman is co-chair of the Firm's Privacy & Security Industry Group and a member of the healthcare regulatory and litigation team. He formerly served as Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel to one of the largest physician staffing companies in the country. "The Road to Now" is hosted by Benjamin Sawyer, Ph.D., of Middle Tennessee State University, and Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers.

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