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November 30, 2017

Rediscovering Data: How law firms recaptured shrinking e-discovery revenue and what that teaches us about broader innovation goals

The American Lawyer Litigation Report

Reprinted with permission from The American Lawyer     

     For Nelson Mullins, the 2009 launch of the firm’s wholly owned e-discovery practice Encompass started four years earlier when a big pharmaceutical client liked how the firm argued the e-discovery motions in a case. In a subsequent matter, that company was being represented by Jones Day, but it asked Nelson Mullins to handle the e-discovery component. From there, things snowballed.

     “To do this well, you can’t just stick your toe in this water,” says John Martin, a Columbia, South Carolina, partner in charge of Encompass. It requires a dedicated internal staff of lawyers and technologists, data review centers and data hosting centers that can run 24/7 at scale, he says. “It’s been hard for that investment to make sense for a lot of other firms,” Martin says.

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