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December 19, 2018

Raleigh Partner Beth Trahos Counsels Client to Solar Farm Approval

The Sampson Independent

After a conditional use request by McGrigor Farm Solar was unanimously approved by the Clinton City Council, a North Carolina solar farm will begin development along U.S. 421 thanks in part to Raleigh partner Beth Trahos' counsel.

The development will be encircled by a 6-foot tall fence and occupy 32.5 acres located at 1105 N. U.S. 421. The property is located near residential and industrial properties, but appraiser Rich Kirkland says that solar farms typically have no negative impacts on property values.

Trahos, who focuses  her practice in commercial real estate and alternative energy, says that the area is ideal for a conditional use request.

"The surrounding land uses are agricultural, industrial and residential so there are a mix of uses in the area,” said Trahos. “Solar farms, luckily, are good neighbors for all those uses. They are quiet, they are safe, they generate little traffic, much fewer trips than one single family home. They’re low in height — lower than a barn or house — and they use no county services.”

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