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December 18, 2019

Nelson Mullins Picks Up Cybersecurity Pro in Tampa


Kevin Mekler was featured by Law360 after joining Nelson Mullins in Tampa as a cybersecurity and data privacy partner. Mekler joined from Travelers, where he built a team handling fidelity, crime, and cyber losses from the ground up.

“I got in on the ground floor on the incident response side from the carrier’s perspective,” Mekler told Law360. “And developing a product to be able to protect their insureds. That market has evolved at an exponential pace.”

Mekler's practice addresses the privacy and security needs of companies and institutions across multiple industries. This includes helping clients stay compliant with privacy regulations, defending against potential attacks, preparing for breaches, and diffusing an incident should one occur. Mekler told Law360 that much of his training for this type of legal work comes from his time in the Air Force, when he was a target intelligence analyst for the B2 bomber.

“It plays kind of nicely into what I do today,” he said. “My job was very mission-oriented, and there were a lot of moving parts. That’s pretty much what the incident response work is now.”

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