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January 3, 2019

Nashville Partner Wyman Discusses HIPAA2Z™ as Emerging Cybersecurity Trend

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Roy Wyman, a partner in the firm's healthcare regulatory and transactional team, commented on the automated HIPAA2Z™ compliance and security tool in an article exploring cybersecurity solutions and consulting for law firms.

The article, which identifies cybersecurity and consulting as a new stream of revenue in the legal services industry, noted that the healthcare compliance tool is ahead of the curve in streamlining security and legal services for clients. Wyman designed HIPAA2Z™ to assess risks and ensure compliance and IT security for healthcare providers at a lower cost.

"By combining security and legal services, HIPAA2Z™ offers everything you need to know, and do, to comply with HIPAA and to be more secure in handling data," Wyman said. "By standardizing and automating HIPAA compliance, we reduce the cost, hassle, and time required to feel confident about protecting health information and complying with the law."

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