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January 15, 2019

Love FM features Nelson Mullins team that reunited abducted child with mother

Love FM

Belizean radio station Love FM featured Nelson Mullins attorneys Billy McGee and Matt Abee and paralegal Kim Lanier for helping return a 3 year old to her mother in Belize after the child was abducted to the U.S.

The child was abducted by her father to South Carolina, where they have lived since November 2017. After filing a case under the Hague Convention, the mother was connected to McGee and Abee, who have won several international child abduction cases.

"The transition was smooth. We were all worried that the baby wouldn't recognize the mom, but she did the minute she stepped out of the car," said Eliza Castellano, the Tikkun Olam Belize director who helped connect the mother to Abee and McGee. "These attorneys really worked for Ms. Cocom. While we were there, they made sure that we had everything ... it is really and truly their handy work that has us here."

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