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Presidential Transition & 117th Congress Updates & Resources

Click link below to access our Presidential Transition & 117th Congress resources that are non-political and address the impact of each on various industries and client sectors.

Presidential Transition & 117th Congress Updates & Resources

COVID-19 Resources

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COVID-19 Resources

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Pro Bono Spotlight: Paralegal Coordinator Maria Turner

October 31, 2020

Pro Bono Spotlight: Paralegal Coordinator Maria Turner

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Sept. 7, 2020

Fearing COVID-19, educators go up against colleges to teach remotely

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Many educators believe Georgia’s public college systems should approve any requests to teach remotely without the need for any documentation amid the pandemic since COVID-19 has no known cure. The University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia, which oversees operations at Athens Tech, allow faculty to teach remotely, but may require documentation before approval. Neither system said they have data documenting how many requests have been denied.

Nina Gupta, an education law attorney at Nelson Mullins, a national firm with an office in Atlanta, said the schools and employees have compelling arguments, but said schools need some documentation to process these requests. Gupta said schools must have early, clear, and constant communication with employees about the policies.

“No one really knows who this virus is going to hit,” Gupta said. “And no one really knows how it’s going to hit them. There’s a lot of conflicting information coming to us from a lot of different sources. That being said, medical documentation may not be always a perfect barometer, but you’ve got to have a barometer.”

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