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April 14, 2021

Coinbase Shares Close At $328 After Big Trading Day

Crunchbase News

With all eyes on Coinbase as the first digital currency exchange to go public, Nelson Mullins partner and chair of the FinTech and Regulation Practice Richard B. Levin spoke to Crunchbase News about the momentous occasion and its potential to influence the current regulatory scheme around the crypto industry.

“The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the listing of this currency, and the company has also signaled its intent to move into other financial services areas, as evidenced by some of their recent hires and initiatives,” Levin said. “Moreover, this is a signal of the maturation of the industry as a whole and the growing level of comfort of U.S. regulators with members of the industry, as long as they comply with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations.”

Levin shared that he expects more cryptocurrency companies to conduct offerings of their securities in the United States but will have to do so by complying with 70- or 80-year-old laws that, though considered antiquated by FinTechs, will still be required, including how digital asset securities are traded.

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