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December 26, 2019

Cabell County Bar Association donates $6,000 to Huntington High food pantry

In her role as president of the Cabell County Bar Association, West Virginia partner Kendra Huff oversaw the organization’s annual collection of money and canned goods for Cliff’s Closet, a  the food pantry operated within Huntington High School.

Huff said it's always a fun day when they take the donations because members go get the groceries and take them to the school, where the students come out and help them carry it all in.

"They are just so thankful, whether they use it or their peers use it," Huff said. "They know there is a need at their school. They help us bring it in, and then the students and the folks in charge of the pantry make it look nice and go through what they have and what they need."

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