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October 2, 2018

All-women law firm hopes to change communities by empowering clients

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta Senior Research Specialist Rita Treadwell, in her capacity as president of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys, discusses Atlanta’s support for black women attorneys who want to start their own law firms.

“The infrastructure of Atlanta just supports it more. If you were going to be an entrepreneur, wouldn’t you choose a city where you thought your business would be supported and you had people around you who are like you and who will support you?” she said. While nationwide the number of black attorneys and women attorneys appears to be small, Treadwell is sure those numbers skew higher not just in Atlanta, but statewide. Among the young black women coming out of law school, the ranks of black women-owned firms are likely to grow, she said. “These young sisters are making sure they are polished. They also want work-life balance, and they want to do something they are passionate about,” Treadwell said.

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