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January 2020

The Scrivener: Grammar Grinch 2.0

By Elizabeth Scott Moïse

SC Lawyer

Reprinted with permission from the S.C. Bar Association

As I am updating all my columns for a new edition of The Scrivener book, I came across this one that I wrote 11 years ago, almost to the day. That day in December 2007, I was in an extremely bad mood because I had an especially heavy workload and was excruciatingly late in preparing for Christmas and also in finishing my column. In a fit of pique, I wrote about my “Twelve Pet Peeves of Grammar.”

Much has changed in 11 years. My son is no longer our cute little high school boy. He graduated from college, has a wife and a job he loves, and is expecting his first baby any day now. And he is still cute as anything.

Much is still the same, though. I am busy beyond belief at work and behind on everything. Even my top 12 grammar pet peeves have stayed the same, so I will present them on a platter as my holiday gift to you.