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May 11, 2018

The Scrivener: ‘For This Occasion Only’: Drafting Pro Hac Vice Motions in South Carolina State Court

By Elizabeth Scott Moïse

SC Lawyer

Reprinted with permission from the SC Bar’s SC Lawyer. May 2018

When I was a new associate, my senior partner gave me a case to serve as local counsel in a large insurance coverage case. One of my first responsibilities was to get the national counsel from New York, New York, admitted pro hac vice in state court. In other words, I was to get the lawyer, who was not admitted in this state, admitted for "this occasion only," to appear before our state courts only for the one specific lawsuit and nothing more.

Nothing went right. First off, I had no idea how to get a person admitted. After spending a lot of unbillable time researching the court rules and requesting the required documents from our national counsel, I had to spend more unbillable time trying to fix his careless errors. The national counsel took no responsibility for his own mistakes, preferring to blame either his assistant and/or me. That was the beginning of a bad romance, figuratively speaking.