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January 2018

The Scrivener: English Test for Lawyers: Fall Semester 2017

By Elizabeth Scott Moïse

Reprinted with permission from the S.C. Bar

Sometimes when I drive by the law school these days, I see people walking around in shorts or jeans, smiling and laughing and having a good time. I think about my upcoming week when the judge is going to be irritated because she does not want  to hear another motion to compel, the mediator is going to be irritated because our client does not think the case should settle for more than $200, and my client is going to be irritated because he thinks our bill should be lower. Sigh. Those students have it so good.

Coming up to the end of the semester, instead of dealing with a lot of irritated people, we could be having as much fun as the students–like taking exams. Let's do it!