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July 3, 2019

The Hospice Board's Key Roles in Compliance

By Gabriel L. Imperato

Hospice Governance Academy

Reprinted with permission from Hospice Governance Academy® by Integriti3D

The basic responsibilities of any board, whether of a healthcare organization or not, are basically the same. But when it comes to compliance oversight, healthcare board members need to be aware of the regulatory and enforcement complexities of healthcare.  

Board members should be familiar with several key documents that relate to compliance programs and the board’s oversight role in that area. The first is a chapter in the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSG) which describes the essential elements of an effective compliance program which apply to any organization. The Department of Justice and the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General have published other guidance for evaluating compliance programs and the role of the board. Corporate Integrity Agreements provide guidance on what the government considers to be effective compliance programs for specific healthcare businesses, such as hospice.