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April 19, 2019

The College Admissions Scandal: When Can a Donation Be Construed as a Bribe?

By Daniel A. Cohen, Nekia Hackworth Jones

In this webinar, former DOJ prosecutor and current partner Nekia Hackworth Jones and Higher Education Practice Leader Dan Cohen discuss the criminal case unfolding from the college admissions scandal, its implications for college and university fundraising and recruiting efforts, and best practices to prevent your school's fundraising processes from crossing the line. 

Their discussion topics include: 

  • In light of the criminal charges, what factors differentiate a donation from a bribe, particularly when the donor expects to receive influence, if not quid pro quo?
  • When could a donation become subject to government scrutiny?
  • In the athletics context, when should a school question a donation from the parent of a student-athlete to a school’s athletics program?
  • What can colleges and universities do to reduce litigation and compliance risks in their fundraising and recruiting practices?

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