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March 20, 2019

Technology, Contracts and Jobsite Safety

By Jason S. Lambert

Construction Executive

The marriage of jobsite safety and technology has produced an undeniable drop in workplace accidents, injuries and deaths. As technology evolves, this trend will undoubtedly continue. But jobsites are made up of many different companies with varying levels of sophistication and abilities. Emerging technologies can improve jobsite safety, while also describing ways to allocate responsibility for providing that technology and the limits of jobsite safety technology. 

Looking first at emerging technologies, the use of sophisticated wearable devices and sensors is only just becoming commonplace on jobsites throughout the country. While identification badges with barcodes or RFID tags have existed for some time, these devices are now being used not only to control and track jobsite access, but also to locate individuals and count the number of individuals in areas. With sufficient back-end integration, a project or site manager can look at a tablet or phone and know not only who is on a jobsite on a given day, but also what skillsets exist on the site and how and where those skills can best be used.

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