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July 20, 2021

Take Tax Reform Part II Seriously

By Christopher T. Cushing, Michael DiRoma

Tax Notes

In a recent Tax Notes letter to the editor, Chris Cushing, Washington, D.C.-based federal and state policy team leader at Nelson Mullins, describes and analyzes the perfect storm brewing in Washington right now as legislators and Treasury officials prepare for important reforms to the U.S. Tax Code. The article is co-authored by Michael DiRoma, former deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury for legislative affairs and co-founder of DiRoma Eck & Co., A Washington Advisory.

Cushing and DiRoma note that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has assembled a talented tax team, and when combined with smart, reform-minded Democrats on Capitol Hill and a legislative calendar that is quickly evaporating, business executives should reconsider their level of concern when assessing the administration's efforts to reform the tax code. "The details of these more technical tax policy items matter," write Cushing and DiRoma, "and so the time to give input and address potential negative outcomes is now."

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