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Presidential Transition & 117th Congress Updates & Resources

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Shanahan Law Group Transitions to Nelson Mullins

December 1, 2020

Shanahan Law Group Transitions to Nelson Mullins


June 2020

Sports in Fall 2020? What are your legal protections if the event is cancelled? What are your your legal risks if the event is held?

By Daniel A. Cohen

NACDA Athletics Administration

As summer begins, college athletics departments are hopeful that sporting events can return to campus as normal (or close to normal) in the fall. But questions loom: When can we start playing games? Will those games only be televised or have limited fans? When can we expect a return to full and rowdy crowds? This article will give an overview of certain legal considerations if college sporting events are cancelled, including force majeure and insurance protections that may allow economic recovery for schools, as well as address legal risks associated with events that go forward while COVID-19 likely remains a threat.

Recovering Losses Associated With Cancelled Events

If sporting events are cancelled, athletics departments may be able to recover financial losses or prevent unneeded expenses under contractual force majeure clauses and other contractual defenses. Other recovery may be available based on event cancellation insurance.