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July 2019

Navigating the Risks of New Healthcare Technologies

By Roy Wyman

Nashville Medical News

In an article published in the July issue of Nashville Medical News, partner Roy Wyman discusses new technology that will impact the healthcare industry, related benefits, and how to navigate risks. “In considering new technologies and associated risks, it is helpful to categorize by how soon they become available,” he shares.

Among the technology addressed, Wyman explains that Connected Devices/Internet of Things (IOT) will impact the industry in the near-term. Connected devices are linked to an open network and, when they can also communicate with each other via the internet, are part of the IOT. “Connected devices and the medical IOT (mIOT) are not only part of a larger increase in telehealth, but also can increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve care for those with chronic conditions,” details Wyman.

However, these devices present a security risk. “Imagine receiving a text that your pacemaker has been hacked, and if you don’t pay bitcoin into a foreign account, it will be turned off at midnight,” he illustrates. In order to prevent these risks, Wyman stresses that manufacturing processes for medical devices must ensure that security is implemented from the ground up, particularly for devices with software that can be connected, and encourages medical professionals to ensure vendor assessments are robust and ongoing.

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