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July 7, 2022

Navigating the Privacy Implications of Employee-owned Mobile Devices

By Jarrett Coco

Association of Corporate Counsel – South Carolina Chapter Newsletter

In an article published by the Asssociation of Corporate Counsel’s South Carolina Chapter newsletter, Columbia-based partner Jarrett Coco discusses mobile device data and navigating the privacy implications of employee-owned mobile devices.

In his article, Coco describes the rate at which mobile device data is becoming increasingly sought after in litigation, government investigations, and non-party subpoenas. He details some practical steps that can play a key role in staying ahead of these mobile data related issues, while still working to maintain a balance between the employee's privacy interests and the company's interests in accessing and possessing its own communications.

"If collection of mobile device data is rare currently for your company, it may become more common," he wrote. "Mobile data is being sought with increasing frequency in litigation, government investigations, and non-party subpoenas, and mobile device collection may become more common when conducting internal investigations."

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