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December 3, 2018

Maximizing Technology in Compliance

By Roy Wyman

South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report

In an article published by South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report on December 3, Roy Wyman expands on the complex relationship between a compliance department and technology.

While necessary and often very helpful, technology may cause inconveniences to a compliance department from time to time. Therefore, Wyman emphasizes, “Given this tension, the best approach seems to be one that considers what compliance actually does, finds what works for those activities, and doesn’t forget the risks that new technology can create.”

Hospitals frequently express concerns that they do not comply with particular laws. However, Wyman can provide the “magic” solution of complete compliance at no cost.

He goes on and details, “Before implementing any technology, a company should keep in mind the limits of the technology and build in structures to ensure that humans are checking it, doing the tasks technology cannot address and occasionally taking a step back to rethink whether the entire process makes sense.”

The flip side of getting lost in new “toys” is to overlook the potential for relatively simple technology to solve complex issues.

He uses HIPAA as an example, stating, “Full compliance with HIPAA requires not just privacy policies, but also a full IT risk assessment, risk management process and IT security program. A small company providing simple services that involve health information (e.g., a mailing service sending out patient letters) is required to meet most of the same requirements as a larger organization, no matter how “scalable” the security rules may be.”

While technology may provide many compliance challenges, a savvy compliance department can be the key to a sound enterprise.