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November 16, 2021

Columbia partner Weston Adams will moderate a panel exploring the path forward for SEEM and its potential impacts on renewable energy projects during the Southeast Renewable Energy Summit.

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Sept. 28, 2021

Help! The North Carolina State Bar Opened a Grievance Against Me. What Do I Do?

By Joshua Walthall

Lawyer's Mutual

First, you need to understand how grievances are started at the North Carolina State Bar.

Almost anything can trigger the opening of a grievance at the North Carolina State Bar, but typically someone submits a complaint. And while a complaint usually comes from a client or former client, it can really come from anyone: an opposing party, a client’s spouse or relative, an opposing counsel, a judge, or even just someone with an unhealthy obsession with you. There is a no “standing” requirement.

Pro Tip 1: Making claims to the State Bar that the complainant of your grievance lacks standing will get you nowhere. 

But grievances don’t have to be borne from a complaint; the State Bar can (and has) opened grievances based on news articles, judicial rulings, random audits, or self-reports.