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Nelson Mullins Lawyers Named to Law360 Editorial Advisory Boards

April 8, 2021

Nelson Mullins Lawyers Named to Law360 Editorial Advisory Boards


April 20, 2021

Community Learning and Tech Hubs: A Solution to Lost Learning Time and Education Inequity

By Richard W. Riley

Southern Education Foundation

As Governor, U.S. Secretary of Education, and otherwise, I have stressed my belief that “the stronger the start, the better the finish” with respect to education, beginning with high-quality childcare and early education and development.

I feel equally strongly that there also must be a strong continuum of learning and other supports for school-age children and youth (and their families) through summer enrichment and comprehensive afterschool opportunities. We need to strengthen and improve the school day, of course. But out-of-school times are just as important – and even much more so during our current challenges. Because of the pandemic, many childcare and youth supervision programs have had to shut down, further disadvantaging low- and moderate-income families in keeping or seeking employment. Another challenge is the upskilling of many current and future jobs, which requires more training and community college experiences.