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September 26, 2017

Coleman: Colleges Are Places for Thoughtful Discussion – Not Vicious Debate

By Arthur L. Coleman

The Hill

In an article published on September 26, 2017, in The Hill, Art Coleman, a Nelson Mullins partner and a founder and managing partner of EducationCounsel LLC (an affiliate of Nelson Mullins), provides insight as to how the nation’s political divide is impacting college campuses across the country. He discusses how educational and institutional leaders need to promote a sense of balance on their campuses regarding free speech. Coleman says that the goal of higher education is for all students to feel welcomed and to encourage diversity. “Even as we embrace a higher education mission that invites challenge and debate — we must be clear that all students, regardless of background, experience or circumstance, are and feel authentically valued as part of their school community.” Coleman writes that even as institutions of higher education allow for expression that some may find offensive, it is the responsibility of leaders not to condone an environment where students feel unsafe or where self-expression is undermined.