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November 8, 2018

2018 Election Results: Outlook for Education Policy

By Scott R. Palmer, Jennifer Castagna, Sean A. Worley, Kristin Herrmann


This memo provides an overview on the outlook for education policy based on the 2018 election results, including the likely impact on the 116th Congress and on the state level. Specifically, the memo takes a deeper look at how the 2018 elections have led to changes on the federal and state level that will have important implications for education policy. Some of these changes that will affect both the federal and state education landscape include: (1) Democrats have won control of the House for the 116th Congress starting January 2019; (2) in the Senate, Republicans will hold at least 51 seats in the 116th Congress, with three seats remaining undecided as of November 8; and (3) on the state level, there are 19 newly elected governors, based on current races that have been called, with one race undecided in Georgia. This memo is intended to inform thinking around the results of the 2018 elections and what this could mean for the education policy agenda on the federal and state level, as well as the ripple effects that we could see as new governors in many states appoint new state board of education members, new chief state school officers, and/or other early learning and higher education leaders.