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NM Lawyer Yasmeen Ebbini is pictured

Sept. 7, 2023

We Are NM: Yasmeen Ebbini

Columbia associate Yasmeen Ebbini focuses her practice on commercial and consumer financial services litigation, as well as appellate advocacy and strategy. She is a former Assistant Attorney General for South Carolina with experience appearing before the state’s circuit and appellate courts.

Why did you select your practice area?

Practicing in litigation has always been the perfect fit for me. I thrive off competition and love to solve problems in real time. Litigation also gives attorneys the opportunity to research nuanced and developing areas of the law. Being on the cutting edge of that knowledge is extremely rewarding, and I couldn't imagine practicing in any other capacity.

What are some of the traits that you admire the most amongst your peers?

I admire the dedication my peers have to their craft and their clients. The attorneys on my team set the ideal example of the kind of litigator we should all aspire to be. They are exceptionally hardworking, kind, and knowledgeable. For a newer attorney, it is so important to work with people who are approachable and care about the development of the team and provide associates with the resources and skills needed to be successful in this work. Mentorship of that caliber is uncommon, and I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by such mentors.

What is one piece of advice you would give to individuals who want to get into this industry?

Self-assuredness is incredibly important. You cannot be discouraged if you do not always receive the outcome you want. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity so take advantage of them to become the best attorney you can. Each person has a unique contribution based on who they are and where they came from, it is okay to not fit the typical "mold" of an attorney.

At this point in your career, what would you say has been your biggest accomplishment?

Arguing a case before the South Carolina Supreme Court. Appellate work was a focus and passion of mine in law school, so having the chance to practice at such a level so early in my career is a huge accomplishment for me.

What is one piece of advice that greatly impacted you and your career trajectory?

Embrace your uniqueness. Do not force yourself to be the same kind of lawyer as everyone else. We each have skills and strengths to contribute based on our different lived experiences, just because one person may not have the same pedigree (be it education or family history of legal practice) as someone else does not mean that person cannot be an exceptional attorney. Adopting this [advice] has allowed me to push myself and be confident in my professional choices.