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May 11, 2023

Pro Bono Spotlight: Rose Collins

Rose Collins is an associate in the firm’s Boston office. She focuses her practice on litigation and has experience in trade secrets, employment and insurance, and is active in the firm’s pro bono program.

Describe a compelling pro bono matter in which you are involved.
I am currently assisting a mother who is seeking Social Security benefits due to her disabilities stemming from police violence that she experienced in her home country. This project has been challenging, but my client has a wonderful support network that has been working with me every step of the way as we seek the benefits that she deserves.

What was most meaningful to you about your engagement?
My client has gone through a lot of hardship. She was harmed by the government of her home country, and now she is caught up in the bureaucratic processes of the U.S. government. By taking on this case, I know that I get to be a part of the incredible team of people that support her, believe in her and advocate for her. I could not be more grateful to get to play a role in that.

How has the work made you a better lawyer?
This experience has made me a better lawyer by increasing my confidence as an attorney. I knew very little about Social Security before taking on this case, but I have had to adapt and learn quickly to ensure that I can give my client the best possible representation. This case has shown me that even as a first-year attorney, I can serve my client in ways I never imagined I would be capable of this early in my career.