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The Deal Junkies Podcast

September 25, 2018

Strategies to Minimize Mortgage Taxes and NASDAQ Interview

By Rusty A. Fleming, Beau A. Baker

Welcome to Episode 16 of The Deal Junkies with co-hosts, Rusty Fleming and Beau Baker.  In this episode, Rusty and Beau discuss how to structure transactions in states with high mortgage taxes to minimize the impact on the borrower. 

Next, we bring you a recent interview of Rusty and Nelson Mullins partner Lee Hart from the NASDAQ studios in Times Square.  In the interview, Rusty and Lee cover a variety of real estate finance topics, including:

  • The state of the CMBS and CLO Markets;
  • A recent lender-friendly case involving UCC foreclosures; and
  • Signs of distress in certain market sectors.

To hear more from Lee Hart on distressed assets and opportunities around the country, check out his podcast:

Back in Black: Locating Opportunities in the Darkness

Want to be a guest on an upcoming episode?  Contact Rusty at rusty.fleming@nelsonmullins.com or Beau at beau.baker@nelsonmullins.com.

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