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The Deal Junkies Podcast

August 23, 2018

Leveraging Through Repo Facilities and the Rise of UCC Policies

By Rusty A. Fleming

Welcome to Episode 15 of The Deal Junkies with co-hosts, Rusty Fleming and Beau Baker.  In this episode, Rusty and Beau discuss how a new lending client is using a master repurchase facility (a “Repo Facility”) and mezzanine financing to leverage equity and increase deal volume. 

Then, Gary M. Zimmerman, Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriting Counsel for Fidelity National Title Group’s UCCPlus Division joins the show to discuss UCC Policies, including:

  • What is a UCC Policy?
  • When does a lender need to get a UCC Policy?
  • The rise of equity pledges in senior mortgage transactions.
  • Market trends in mezzanine and other types of financing.

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