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Healthcare Essentials

Sept. 9, 2021

Introducing the Rural Healthcare Initiative

By Robert L. Wilson, Jr.

Nelson Mullins is proud to announce the launch of Rural Healthcare Initiative, a collaborative organization of national healthcare consulting firms with a long history of serving rural healthcare providers, with the common mission of shoring up healthcare delivery for the 20 percent of Americans living in non-urbanized areas. We have joined professionals at Ascendient Healthcare Advisors, Criterion Healthcare, Health Management Resources, with support from Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock, to form the Rural Healthcare Initiative. 

The problems facing rural healthcare are interconnected and systemic, yet most consulting firms offer solutions that are piecemeal, at best. That’s why we’ve built the Rural Healthcare Initiative to work on two levels, simultaneously: A nonprofit arm helps to educate key stakeholders on the big issues facing rural healthcare, while a consulting arm offers comprehensive services that address the major pain points in healthcare delivery. 

We have leveraged our understanding of the financial constraints of rural healthcare to design what we believe is the most efficient, cost-effective approach in the marketplace. As a collaborative of independent specialists, we can serve healthcare providers across a continuum of needs while challenging each other to think beyond our individual silos.  By combining deep focus with broad vision, we can offer solutions that are holistic, synergistic, and non-duplicative. 

The nonprofit arm takes that mission even further, with no-cost or at-cost educational resources such as peer-to-peer events, educational opportunities, staff training, expert testimony, and board retreats. Each of our co-founding partners is donating a portion of their time to this education effort.

Click here for the press release announcing the launch of the Rural Healthcare Initiative.

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