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Sunshine State Legislative Updates

February 3, 2020

Session 2020: Healthcare Legislation Update for the Week Ending 1/31/20

By Anne Corcoran

Scope of Practice: ANRP's and PA's

HB 607

Provides that certain advance practice registered nurses can practice advanced or specialized nursing without physician supervision or a protocol; authorizes physician assistants to practice primary care without a physician’s supervision; requires Department of Health or Board or Health to register a physician assistant or advanced registered nurse if the applicant meets criteria; provides appropriations and provides criteria.

HB 607 status

  • Passed: Health Quality Subcommittee (14-1); Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee (11-0)
  • Referred to: Health and Human Services Committee

Allowing Pharmacists to Test For and Treat Flu and Strep

SB 714 /HB 389

Authorizes pharmacists to test for and treat influenza and strep; requires that a pharmacist notify a patient’s primary care doctor within a specified time of such testing and treatment.

SB 714 status

  • Referred to: Health Policy, Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, Appropriation

HB 389 status

  • Passed: Health Quality Subcommittee (11-3); Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee (10-1)
  • Next stop: Human Services

Change to Property Tax Exemption for Non-Profit Hospitals

HB 919

Creates an additional requirement for hospitals to meet to qualify for a charitable tax exemption.  Currently law permits an ad valorem taxation exemption for hospitals that are Florida non-profit corporations that are exempt under the provisions of s. 501(c)(3) IRS code.  This bill would require hospitals to document the value of charitable services they provide and limit the charity tax exemption to the value of that charity care.

HB 919 status

  • Passed: Health Care Reform Subcommittee (12-1)
  • Referred to: Ways and Means
  • Additional committee: Health and Human Services Committee

Changes to Pharmacy Benefits Managers ("Prescription Drug Cost Reduction Act")

SB 1444/HB 961

Prohibits pharmacy benefit managers from directing patients to pharmacies owned in whole or in part by the pharmacy benefit manager and/or charging drug manufacturers rebates and keeping the savings for themselves rather than passing it onto customers. States that a pharmacy benefit manager has a fiduciary duty to covered individuals and the payor; provides requirements for service performance, contracts, specified funds, and maximum allowable costs lists; requires plan beneficiaries and co-insureds’ obligations for prescription drugs to certain drug prices; requires Department of Financial Services to investigate violations.

SB 1444 status

  • Referred to: Committee on Banking and Insurance; Appropriations Subcommittee Health and Human Services; Appropriations Committee

HB 961 status

  • Referred to: Health Market Reform Subcommittee; Appropriations Committee; Health and Human Services Committee

Mental Health for Children and Adolescents

SB 1062/HB 1083

Requires certain plans include procedures to assist certain mental and behavioral health providers in attempts to verbally deescalate certain crisis situations before initiating involuntary examinations, etc.

SB 1062 status

  • On committee: agenda Children, Family, and Elder Affairs – 2/4/20
  • Next committees: Education; Rules

HB 1083 status

  • On committee: agenda PK-12 Innovation – 2/4/20

Removing Ban on Specialty Hospitals

HB 6059

Removes provisions relating to prohibition of licensure for certain hospitals that serve specific populations

HB 6059 status

  • Passed: Health Market Reform Subcommittee (9-4); Health Market Appropriations Subcommittee (7-4)
  • Additional committees: Health and Human Services Subcommittee